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Documents and study

The Civic Museums at Palazzo Buonaccorsi and the Municipal library Mozzi Borgetti allow the scholars and whoever requests access to the bibliographic and graphic heritages, depositories, and photographic archives.

The heritage displayed at the Civic Museums at Palazzo Buonaccorsi is partially available online.

Furthermore, the Museum holds a local station, accessible upon request, for consultation of the cultural heritage relating to the municipal territory.

Contact T.0733 256360

Rules for image reproduction

Images pertaining to the Municipality of Macerata are available upon request.

You can download the application form by clicking here, fill it out and send your request, addressing it to Via Don Minzoni n. 24, 62100 Macerata, or email it to

Request for publication

Publications published by the Municipality of Macerata can currently be requested for gift and exchange within the availability limits.

For informations: +39 0733 256361

The main research activities carried out by museum staff or entrusted to specialist scholars under the coordination of the institution concerning the following topics:

  • Palazzo Buonaccorsi: la Galleria dell’Eneide (the Aeneid Gallery)
  • Palazzo Buonaccorsi: the restorations
  • Ivo Pannaggi
  • Macerata Regional Exhibition of 1905: the photographic art of Tullio Bernardini
  • Macerata Regional Exhibition of 1905: ancient art
  • The statues in the clock of the Civic Tower of Macerata
  • Craftmanship and material culture: the Marcelletti collection
  • The Coats of Arms of the Academicians from the Catenati Academy
  • The Carriage Museum of Macerata

Supervised practical training and internships

Macerata Musei welcomes undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate interns or trainees in subjects related to the heritage of the museum system and/or the services and activities in which it is structured.

The supervised practical training and internships are organised through agreements between the Municipality of Macerata and local Universities and Academies or through agreements with other training organisations.

For information:
Palazzo Buonaccorsi
Direzione Musei
Tel. +39 0733 256361