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Become a patron, contributing to achieving the goal too. There are many ways to support cultural heritage and activities, becoming a SPONSOR or taking advantage of the benefits of the ART BONUS!

Do you want to be a sponsor?

Public or private entities, non-profit associations or other entities that intend to promote their image through collaboration with the Museums of the Municipality of Macerata can submit an expression of interest for the sponsorship of heritage promotion and enhancement projects.

Sponsorships can be of a financial nature (in the form of an economic donation), of a technical nature (direct provision of services or supply of goods) or of a mixed nature (partly financial and partly technical).

To the subjects identified as sponsors, also taking into account the extent of the sponsorship itself, the municipal services will guarantee some advantages:

  • possibility of associating your logo or brand or name with dedicated communication tools visibility in press conferences;
  • possibility of using the sponsor status in your communication campaigns;
  • possibility of reserved events and dedicated packages for exhibitions or collections;
  • indication on the Sector website of the sponsor qualification.

Do you want to make an Art Bonus donation?

Pursuant to art.1 of the Legislative Decree 31.5.2014, n. 83, “Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the relaunch of tourism”, converted with amendments into Law no. 106 of 07/29/2014 and subsequent amendments, a tax credit has been introduced for charitable donations in support of culture and entertainment, the so-called Art bonus, as a support for patronage in favor of cultural heritage.

Anyone who makes donations of cash to support culture, as required by law, will thus be able to enjoy a tax credit equal to 65% of the amount donated within the following limits:

  • 5 per thousand of annual revenues for individuals with business income;
  • 15% of taxable income for private individuals;

What is that

By charitable donation we mean a monetary contribution made by a benefactor without obligations of consideration or financial recognition.

Unlike the sponsorship, the provision cannot translate into a form of promotion of the company and its products. Are allowed:

  • public thanks from the beneficiary to the patron;
  • moral recognition to the patron without this representing an obligation for the beneficiary organisation;
  • thanks to the patrons on the website;
  • mention on the website of the beneficiary bodies.

The patron can make a liberal donation through:

  • bank transfer;
  • debit, credit and prepaid cards;
  • bank checks and bank drafts.

It is necessary to keep a copy of the payment for completing the tax return. You can find additional information on the website of the Municipality of Macerata.

How to do?

Choose a project and send an expression of interest to the following addresses:

Simone Ciattaglia and cc.

Choose a project to support

Work/project descriptionWork/project quotation
Exhibitions dedicated to the promotion and valorisation of 20th century Italian figures from the Marches (Bartolini and Monachesi)
€ 50.000,00
Restoration painting Blessed Amedeo of Savoy adores the Holy Shroud, oil on canvas, 17th century (ca. 1470)
€ 3.615,00
Sarcophagus restoration, stone material, IV century AD
€ 5.200,00
Restoration of the Stone with the Hail Mary prayer, stone engraving, first half of the XIII century
€ 4.200,00
Design, restoration and enhancement of artefacts for the public enjoyment of the city’s historical public sources: Fonte San Giuliano (spring)
C.da San Giuliano
€ 100.000,00