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Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Listen to the audio guide for children of Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Museo della Carrozza

Listen to the audio guide of the Carriage Museum

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Ecomuseo Villa Ficana

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Carlo Crivelli – Wonderful relationships

Go to the exhibition Carlo Crivelli – Wonderful relationships

Gallery of Eneide Restoration at Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Inclusive guide to the Carriage Museum

Journey on the roads of time

IAM Short Dance Film

IAM was born as a multidisciplinary project in which choreographic research dialogues and confronts itself with sculpture and live music. In its site-specific guise, it inhabits the rooms of the Civic Museums at Palazzo Buonaccorsi. It entrusts its narration to the compositional sequences of the video shots, becoming a short dance film. The project takes its cue from one of the depictions in the museum’s Aeneid Gallery, “The Wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne”, transporting the dancers’ bodies into the dimension of the labyrinth and the encounter with the minotaur.

In particular, two characters emerge: Ariadne, willing to lose herself between love and desire, and the animal, a symbol of strength and instinctivity. IAM becomes a cue to work on the inner space of the individual, thanks to its various declinations. This space is difficult to render only through scenic, compositional and gestural geometries. It is an attempt to find possible orientations in the personal labyrinth that each of us keeps and treasures. Project realised in collaboration with MacerataMusei-Palazzo Buonaccorsi, Compagnia Simona Bucci/Compagnia degli Istanti (in its first stage, it was presented at the HangartFest-Pesaro).

Filmmaker and director Luca Giustozzi, short dance film music Simone Cicconi, concept and choreography Michela Paoloni, dancers Michela Paoloni and Fabio Bacaloni.

Paramòrfosi by Letizia Francioni

Foglia-me. Serena Vallese Premio Pannaggi/Nuova Generazione 2020

The Amici di Palazzo Buonaccorsi Association and the Municipality of Macerata together with the Marche Region, Macerata Museums, Macerata Culture and the Carima Foundation, with the patronage of the University of Macerata, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Municipality of Recanati, are delighted to announce the awarding of the Pannaggi / New Generation 2020 Prize to the artist Serena Vallese.

The award, now in its third edition, is dedicated to the most advanced scenarios of contemporary artistic experimentation.

The solo show of the artist Serena Vallese Foglia-me will be virtualized on the Municipality website and on the MacerataMusei social channels starting from 4 December 2020 and will be open to the public in conjunction with the desired reopening order of the museums.

Wladimiro Tulli, the works restored at Palazzo Buonaccorsi

Macerata, February 17th 2011
On February 28, 2003, a few days after the opening of an important exhibition in the Veronese headquarters of Palazzo Forti, Wladimiro Tulli, a painter who had been part of the Futurist Group named after Boccioni, died in Macerata at a very young age. To remember him, the Civic Museums dedicate a small exhibition to him in the rooms on the ground floor of Palazzo Buonaccorsi. The initiative, organized and promoted by the Municipality of Macerata and by the Macerata Culture Library and Museums Institution.

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Virtual tour of the Tullio Crali exhibition at the Civic Museums of Palazzo Buonaccorsi

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Virtual tour of the Carlo Crivelli exhibition at the Civic Museums of Palazzo Buonaccorsi

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